Read the Rules here

The PGRGC adopted a new set of rules as of June 2016 and revised Aug 2020

All members must be aware of these rules. They will be posted at both facilities in several places

RangesĀ are open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. during daylight hours only, seven days a week. No shooting in the dark.

If it is dark before 10pm, No shooting is permitted

You must have your day pass or annual membership card with you while on the range. Directors may ask to see this.

Key cards must not be loaned to others.

Guest Policy:

-Annual Membership holders may bring up to two guests with them. This includes family memberships. A guest may only be invited once and thereafter must purchase a day pass or regular membership.

-Members must email the club at before taking out guests. Please include names, date attending range, and approximate times. Please allow at least 72 hours notice. You will be sent an email confirming this. (this ensures guests are covered by insurance.) Guests must be under the supervision of the member at all times.

-Day pass users may not bring guests for free. All non-members using the range must purchase a day pass from Art Knapp, K.K.S Tactical, or Corlane’s Sporting Goods PG

-Any person on the range who is not a guest of a membership holder, or who does not have a day pass is not covered by insurance and is trespassing on PGRGC property.

-You may be asked to leave if you fail to produce your day pass or membership card. Trespassing with a firearm is an offense.