Membership Fees and Payment

Yearly Membership Dues: (all prices +GST)

Individual Member (24+) Mail/in person $135.00
Online $140
Family: (includes 2 domestic partners, & their children up to age 18)
Include second adult name in an email to when buying online
Mail/in person $150.00
Online $155
Junior Member: (solo shooter aged 13 to 18) and Young Adult member (Aged 18-24) Mail/in person $60.00
Online: $65
Senior: (aged 65 and older) Mail/in person $60.00
Online $65


Your membership includes insurance liability coverage while using the club facilities/property, and excess insurance for hunting and fishing, while attending shooting competitions, attending an archery range, and boating, atv, and snowmobiles use in conjunction with hunting/fishing/club activities. (it is not primary insurance on your personal vehicles, it does not cover non hunting/fishing related activities) It does not cover personal bodily injury, property, businesses, among others.

There are 3 ways to buy your membership

1) Credit Card payment using the buttons below (does not need a membership form).

i) Choose the membership you need below,

ii) Follow the button instructions, fill out information boxes, click the button confirmation (Rules), click buy now, enter your full name and address info, enter your payment information, submit (You do NOT need to fill out a separate membership form)

iii) You will see a confirmation of payment and receive an email.

iiii) Membership person will process your payment and send your member card and gate card within 2-4 weeks.

2) Mailed payment (use non-online price) and the membership form (Cheque/money order) can be sent to Prince George Rod and Gun Club, Membership, P.O. Box 924 Prince George, B.C. V2L 4T7. (approx 2 week turn around after receiving) out of date forms and payments without GST will not be accepted.

3) Go to K.K.S. Tactical Supplies (1625 Nicholson St S, Prince George, BC V2N 1V7). They will take payment and you will fill out membership form there. (approx 2-4 week turn around after receiving).

All new members and renewing members must read and abide by the following. You agree to abide by all club rules and regulations  by purchasing a membership.

Click here to download our Membership form and

Click here for the Privilege and Obligation form in PDF.

Day Passes: $20 per person-per day

Day Passes can be purchased at K.K.S Tactical Supplies. Day pass holders may not bring guests and no not get a gate card (walk in only). All persons without a regular membership must purchase a day pass to be on club property. $20+gst

Membership email:

Buy purchasing a membership, you agree to all terms and conditions, club rules, member privileges and obligations regardless of signing paper from or not.

Family Membership
Individual Membership
Senior Membership
Junior/Youth Membership
Extra/replacement Gate Keycard
Special Request/Fast process fee